Monday, April 16th, 2018

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Checking is a natural phenomenum of wood that occurs when wood dries and shrinks. The stresses built up from the shrinkage will cause a small split to occur. This typically is not an issue if the checking unless the checking is very severe.

QB places a great deal of attention to moisture during the manufacturing process. All of our raw materials are dried to specific moisture contents and we monitor this throughout the assembly process. Since shrinkage is the result of moisture leaving the board, the attention QB places on this will minimize any checking you may see in the beams. However as wood is a natural material and some locations tend to be very dry climates some checking may still occur. It is also important the the product be properly handled and stored during any inventory or installation process to minimize checking issues.

For information on checking and it’s impact to structural performance please refer to AITC technical note #11.


For information on evaluating the impact of actual checking in the field see AITC technical note #18