Monday, April 16th, 2018

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Quality Assurance

At QB our aim is not to be average but to stand out in quality. Since our founding we never could produce our products to the minimum acceptable standards and feel good about it.

QB quality technicians work hand in hand in the plant with production personnel. They enjoy the full support of management on making quality related decisions and in the long run, every member in our plant is fully engaged in our quality program. “Quality is built in” is more than a catch phrase for us. We select quality vendors for our raw material and then carefully grade and process it into a finished product. Every piece is graded and monitored for appropriate moisture content to ensure proper gluing and curing.

Attention to detail in all aspects of the operation makes the difference between mediocre and excellent product quality. No where is this attention to detail more important than in the area of finger joints. Finger joints are basically glued connections that make long pieces of wood out of short pieces through the use of “fingers” cut into the ends of the boards. These joints transfer forces from along the board to the adjoining board. It takes significant care to make a quality joint. The fit of the joint, the application of adhesive, and the pressure and cure are all important aspects to making this critical component of beam construction work. All tension laminations are proof loaded to ensure both the lumber and the finger joint will handle the stress levels that are assumed for the design.

All of the product produced at our facility is covered under APA-EWS quality assurance program. Rigorous independent audits ensure fabrication methods meet or exceed industry standards.