Monday, April 16th, 2018

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Preservative Treatment

QB recommends the use of Coastal Douglas Fir or Southern Yellow pine for product that is to undergo chemical preservative pressure treatment. Treatments should be oil based or as specified by the project designer.

We do not offer treating services but can outsource this if you do not have your own capabilities. We do offer incising to allow better chemical penetration and retention. This is highly recommended on any product that is to be treated for outdoor use. Our incising equipment can handle large industrial beams that are typically used in industrial structures. We can also incise the tapered faces of tapered beams.

As an alternative to pressure treating some customers are moving to Alaskan Yellow Cedar, a species that is naturally durable to insect attack and decay. QB is an approved fabricator of this species. Call our customer service desk at 208-756-4248 if you have further questions.